Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Trader's Fish Tacos

The other night my husband offered to make dinner and I
quickly accepted! He pulled up a Trader
Joe’s recipe for fish tacos and
they were fantastic! Paired with a margarita and we had a greatnight!
All from Trader Joe’s:
Breaded Cod Fillets
Broccoli slaw
TJ’s cilantro dressing
TJ’s pineapple salsa
Shredded cheese
Bake the fish, toss the broccoli slaw in the cilantro
dressing, put it all together in a grilled tortilla and enjoy!


  1. Minus two ingredients, that was my lunch today! Can't bring myself to put cheese on fish but maybe next time I'll try it with the pineapple salsa. So easy, and tastes great!

  2. I have never heard of a potato pizza, but this looks really good, and I'm always wanting to try new things. There is an excitement in making something different. Getting out of the rut we sometimes fall into with the same foods over and over. Thank you for sharing this. I love to make pizza in my outdoor kitchen. I use the Big Green Egg and a pizza stone. I'm your newest follower, and I would like to invite you over to visit my blog and hopefully to follow me, too. Steve