Friday, March 18, 2011

Shimmy Shams

In a children's book we have, an ice cream truck makes "Shimmy Sham Shakes" for the kids. My girls love this story and we renamed our morning smoothies - Shimmy Shams - like the story.
*In a blender simply put one container of fruit yogurt of your choice, 1 banana, some frozen blueberries, and fill with OJ a few inches above the fruit. Blend up and serve with straws. My girls love these for breakfast with some cereal or toast. Or I even make them for dessert sometimes after a meal.
* I buy the large bag of frozen blueberries at the market. It seems expenseive, but the bag will last you a long time!
*obviously you can add any other fruits you have on hand or other juices like cranberry.

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